Hook up with sugar mummy in Milimani

I am Cynthia, 32yrs old financially independent lady from Milimani, Nairobi.I am looking for a guy who knows how to pong it if you know what I mean. I would also like a guy who knows how to drive so he can drive me. I love travelling and of course outdoor sex. I look for only a serious relationship which will lead to marriage. I want to roadtest your skills before we get married. Only guys with a large sex appetite are encouraged to apply. Jokers keep off.

To hook up with Cynthia send an SMS to +254717176613 with your name, age and location. Hook up fee is Kshs. 530/=

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  1. admin you to add code of your number becaus us we are in defferent country we can’t ring you or call you so that you have to add of your like (+257)

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