Dating Rules For Women

Rules that made Marilyn Monroe the most wanted woman on earth. Use them and see what happens!

RULE # 1
What we mean is : Don’t give up all you stand for in order to get your man. If you treat yourself with respect and dignity, you’ll find the same feelings reciprocated……….

RULE # 2
Don’t take the first step! Don’t talk to him first. Don’t ask him to dance. Don’t be the first one to call. (No further explaination required here…)

RULE # 3
Don’t stare! Don’t stare at men or talk too much. There could be an element of practical wisdom here!

RULE # 4
Patience Patience! As we said in Rule # 2 – Don’t call him and rarely return his calls. ‘The Book of Rules’ demands patience with a vengeance!

RULE # 5
Be Busy – or act it!! Always end phone calls first. Even if you have nothing on your hands, try to sound busy, think of the garden, the birds… anything!

RULE # 6
Meet but not often! Don’t accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday. We warned you; ‘The Book of Rules’ calls for a lot of patience….

RULE # 7
Get busy – get a life!! Fill up your time before a date. An extension of Rule 6 about trying not to sound too desperate for the man you desire

RULE # 8
Be the first one to say ‘Good Night’ Always end the date first. As in Rule 5, come up with ways to call it quits before he has reason to do so

RULE # 9
Keep the mystery – but don’t lie! Be honest but mysterious. It’s hard, but possible! And the results are worth it!!

RULE # 10
Not more than twice a week! Don’t see him more than once or twice a week. This may seem too much like the wednesday-saturday rule – but this means no dropping into office, no ‘stopping just to say Hi!’, and no passing by his house by ‘sheer coincidence!’

RULE # 11
No kissing on the first date! No more than casual kissing on the first date. No kissing if you can help it! Mums worldwide have prohibited even that for years gone by, haven’t they? They must have some sense!!

RULE # 12
Don’t jump into bed with him! Don’t rush into sex and other forms intimacy. No, this rule has nothing to do with AIDS…it has to do with the value you place on sharing your body with someone!!

RULE # 13
Don’t expect radical changes! Don’t expect a man to change or try to change him . Remember you’re both adults, so learn to treat other with respect. If you don’t like him as he is don’t date him

RULE # 14
Accentuate the positive! Try to highlight the positive aspects of your personality. You understand, don’t you? ‘Tis pretty straightforward

RULE # 15
Always look your best! Always look your best when out on a date. Godmothers for Cinderallas don’t exist anymore

RULE # 16
Never date a married man!! Yeah, yeah – and, may we add, don’t wear mascara if you do…

RULE # 17
Never break a ‘Rule’! Follow every rule in the book faithfully and you will live happily ever after. Just like in those fairy tales….

RULE # 18
Love those who love you!! Never, Never, Never fall in love with anyone who does not love you. Its just common sense – follow it and ensure your own happiness!

RULE # 19
Be easy to live with. Try hard, to be real easy to live with and you will be easy to love and success is bound to be yours.

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