Online Dating Service

Scary sounding isn’t it? Trying out something new, and wondering what you might be getting yourself into. After 2+ years of being alone I knew this wasn’t how I wanted to stay the rest of my life. So I took the plunge, and I joined a few online dating services. Most of them are free to try out anyway so why not?

Go in and check out the profiles. See if anyone is interesting to you. First, you might want to check your area. That is as easy as putting in your zipcode. Of if you don’t want to do that and just want to start with a simple chat to a stranger, go for it! My first time was scary too! I checked out this guys profile and he seemed quite nice, so I said hello to him. We ended up talking for hours that night. I wasn’t lonely, and I had a great time. No he wasn’t my love connection, but I learned a lot.

Remember you don’t have to tell anyone anything about yourself and I suggest you don’t at first. You are anonymous there and you will get an email from whatever online dating service you decide to join. Use that! Feel secure in knowing that no one knows who you are, and where you live.

I will be making more suggestions about online dating and places I went and what I thought.
Yes, I am very happily dating someone I have met online.


Stay tuned more to come! Haven’t been up to writing much lately I’ve had awful case of the flu! I’m back and better then ever and have so much I want to say. Right now, I am waiting on a very important guy to come take me to the 9pm movie so I better not keep him waiting

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