Discover Secrets That Most Young Men Will Never Know About Getting A Sugar Mummy

Hi, welcome to my Sugar Mummy Tips.

My name is Simon and you’re about to learn secrets that most young men will never know about getting a Sugar Mummy who will take care of and provide for them.

Several years ago around 2007, I reached a point in my life where I was tired of dating the small girls who only wanted attention and gifts.

I wanted something else, something better. Someone who would appreciate my contribution in their life. Someone who would compensate me for doing so.

So I decided to date older women. Yes, I decided to get myself a Sugar Mummy.

I knew a lot of older women wanted young men who would satisfy them with sex, provide them with companionship and in return receive cash and favours.

At that point in my life, I was always lacking for cash and I wanted a quick way out of my situation. Getting a Sugar Mummy was a quick way for me to do it.

So I began my search.

I would write and send descriptions of myself to all the dating columns in the newspapers. You know those kind of descriptions where you say your age, and that you want a Sugar Mummy who will take care of you right?

Like this one below I saw on Facebook . . .

So I went out and I read every book I could find. I went online and downloaded and watched video and courses on the subject of meeting Sugar Mummies and having them date me. I contacted and paid every so called dating “agents” I found on Facebook and especially on Facebook.

I was so desperate to get a Sugar Mummy that I was looking for help anywhere I could get it.

You know what?

None of the persons or what I found worked very well for me. Some of it worked. It would get me to meet the rich Sugar Mummy, but none of them was even in the least interested in me.

The agents I paid?

Most of them were fake. They took my money and ran away.

Has the same thing happened to you?

How many hours of time and money have you wasted trying to find that special woman who will take care of you?

Whatever struggled you have passed through, I feel your pain because you see when I was new to all of this. . .
The Same Exact Things Happened to Me Too

I almost gave up. Thank God I didn’t.

Because after the last agent duped me, I swore to go find out the secrets by myself.
The Day My Story Changed

I was in Nairobi at a night club when I met a guy who somehow took a liking to me. We became friends and as our friendship progressed and I kept pressuring him to ‘show me the way’ because I could see all the money he was spending, he confessed to me he had a Sugar Mummy who sponsored everything he did.

I was excited and told him about my earlier trials an d failures in finding my own Sugar Mummy and he agreed to coach me.

Kamau (that’s his name) brought me into an inner circle where I would meet and study several guys who had a Sugar Mummy. Believe me, these guys were experts in older women dating.

I saw things and I learned things that I could not have imagined were possible or even existed.

Well after I learned these things, I created a system. I used what I learnt and taught myself how to attract any Sugar Mummy I wanted.

And the things that I learned, they taught me how to identify and interact with these women so that they responded to me in exactly the ways I wanted.

I learned how to trigger attraction in any kind of woman, no matter her age and status.

I learned how to make Sugar Mummies feel an attraction for you that they literally cannot control.

I learnt how to make a Sugar Mummy get so addicted to you they will literally worship at your feet

And that’s what I’m about to teach you to do.

I’m going to. . .

1.   Teach you how to meet any Sugar Mummy in any situation, without fear of rejection.
2. Show you how to approach any woman you’d like to meet, and exactly what to say to start a conversation.
3. Show you the difference between how young women and older women (Sugar Mummies) think about dating and I’m going to show you how most older women are trained to keep you unsuccessful.
4. how you what I call the ‘Qualify or Quit’ test, which is a fool-proof, rejection-free method for figuring out whether to continue pursuing your interest in a particular Sugar Mummy or to stop wasting precious time and look for another willing target. (You’ll know in 60 seconds what used to take me days or even weeks to figure out).
5. Teach you how to make your Sugar Mummy happy to do things for you like buy you stuff – cars, clothing, give you money e.t.c. (Getting a Sugar Mummy is only half the work. If you’re not careful, she will use you and dump you)
6. Teach you how to dump your Sugar Mummy when you get tired of her without any bad repercussions to you (I dumped my first two Sugar Mummies)
7. Thow you the best ways to attract any woman, no matter how rich she is or how beautiful.
8. Reveal to you where RICH women who want ‘Sugar Boys’ gather daily and how to get into their circles without any hassle.

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